Earthquake in the U.S. Today, May 15 – Exact Time, Magnitude, and Epicenter via USGS

In the United States, certain natural phenomena pose a significant risk to the population, such as earthquakes, which occur daily with varying degrees of intensity. To monitor these seismic activities, the US Geological Survey (USGS) tracks each event in real-time, gathering data on the exact time, location of the epicenter, and magnitude from states like California, Hawaii, Texas, Alaska, and New York. Last month, a significant 4.8 magnitude quake hit New York in early April. Here is the latest report from the USGS on today’s earthquakes, Wednesday, May 15, 2024.

USGS Report on Earthquakes in the U.S. Today, Wednesday, May 15

Follow the official USGS report on the latest confirmed earthquakes in the U.S. today, focusing on states like California, Hawaii, Texas, Alaska, and New York. This information is verified using the Latest Earthquakes interactive map and the ShakeAlert early warning system.

Earthquake in the U.S., May 15: 3.8 Magnitude Quake with Epicenter in Alaska

  • Date and Time: 2024-05-15 / 03:01:31 (UTC-05:00)
  • Magnitude: 3.8
  • Epicenter: 44 km WNW of Nanwalek, Alaska
  • Location: 59.498°N, 152.646°W
  • Depth: 71.1 km
  • Source: US Geological Survey (USGS)

Earthquake in the U.S., May 15: 4.0 Magnitude Quake with Epicenter in California

  • Date and Time: 2024-05-15 / 01:39:03 (UTC-05:00)
  • Magnitude: 4.0
  • Epicenter: 9 km SE of Blue Lake, California
  • Location: 40.828°N, 123.902°W
  • Depth: 25.6 km
  • Source: US Geological Survey (USGS)

Why Are There So Many Earthquakes in Hawaii?

Hawaii experiences frequent earthquakes due to two primary reasons:

  1. Volcanic Activity: All the Hawaiian islands are volcanic in origin, formed by the hot spot that feeds the Pacific Plate. Ongoing volcanic activity, such as magma movement, caldera collapse, or hydrothermal activity, often triggers earthquakes.

  2. Plate Tectonics: Hawaii is located on the Pacific Plate, which moves slowly over the Earth’s mantle. This movement causes stress and tension in the surrounding rock, leading to earthquakes. Additionally, Hawaii has several fault zones where tectonic plates meet or slide past each other, making these areas prone to seismic activity due to the movement and pressure.

Earthquake in the U.S. Yesterday, May 14: Epicenter in Hawaii

  • Date and Time: 2024-05-14 / 13:58:41 (UTC-05:00)
  • Magnitude: 2.8
  • Epicenter: 10 km northeast of Pāhala, Hawaii
  • Location: 19.265°N, 155.402°W
  • Depth: 29.6 km
  • Source: US Geological Survey (USGS)

For more information and real-time updates on seismic activity, visit the USGS website or use their interactive tools like Latest Earthquakes and ShakeAlert. Stay informed and stay safe.