U.S. Baker Loses Priceless Ring, Asks Customers to Search in Their Cookies

Dawn Sis Monroe, an American woman who has been married for nearly forty years, reportedly hasn’t spent a single day without wearing her engagement ring, according to the New York Post. A few days ago, she realized the ring was missing after finishing baking products for her business, Sis Sweets Cookies & Café.

In response to the loss, Monroe took to the Facebook page of her bakery to post an announcement she believes will help her recover the valuable gem.

The marquise-cut diamond is valued at approximately $4,000 and symbolizes many years of marriage. To try to recover the stone, Dawn Sis Monroe posted an emotional message. “Today’s bonus if you buy cookies: my diamond is missing. My heart is more than broken. It has been on my hand for 36 years. If you find it and return it to me, I will be forever in your debt. It is a marquise cut. I apologize if you find it in your cookie, but I never take off the ring for anything.”

Her customers and followers immediately showed their support on the post, which has garnered over 500 reactions and 200 comments. Each comment from friends who experienced the loss and bakery followers includes messages of support and offers to buy cookies in hopes of finding and returning the ring to her.