Ozaukee sheriff’s deputy helps mom deliver baby

‘Help me, sorry. I’m having a baby’


OZAUKEE COUNTY — Police officers are trained to deal with various situations, though very few may go through one of them in particular.

Deputy Ron Noll of the Ozaukee Sheriff’s Office was fortunately only 6 miles away on the morning of Sunday, Aug. 18 when he got a call about a woman in labor three weeks early in the Town of Fredonia.

As he drove to the home, Noll thought about the training from his basic Law Enforcement Recruit Class in 1992 when his instructor, who was a friend, volunteered him to demonstrate delivering a baby before the class.

“I’m thankful for it now,” Noll said at a press conference Thursday.

The deputy walked in the door and didn’t hear anyone or anything, hoping he found the right house.

Brianna Hackbarth, the expecting mother, was in her mother Patricia Krueger’s bedroom. This was going to be her fourth baby.

Feeling like freaking out

“Once I got to the back bedroom, I saw Brianna, who was obviously screaming and laying on the bed and Patty was freaking out jumping on the bed,” Noll said.

“I wanted to join Patty on the bed and start jumping around freaking out myself, but I knew that wouldn’t be too professional and I also had my boots on and their driveway was a little muddy.”

Hackbarth said when Noll walked in she said, “Help me, sorry. I’m having a baby.”

Noll knelt down in front of Hackbarth and he and Krueger were trying to calm the expecting mother down, while Krueger kept calling him “Dr. Noll.”

Krueger said she went back on forth from jumping on the bed to checking to see if the ambulance arrived. “But every so often I’d look in his eyes and I knew that I had to really get it together because this was happening,” she said. “It was crazy.”

“It was crazy, looking back now I’m like ‘it happened so fast,’” Noll said.

Noll monitored the crowning of the baby as he waited for rescue personnel to arrive, according to the sheriff’s office. Not long after they arrived, Hackbarth told Noll the baby was coming.

Noll performed a successful delivery of a baby boy named Henry. The EMTs cleared the airway and clamped the umbilical cord while Hackbarth’s father cut the cord.

“One of the EMTs started to suction the nose and mouth and we got Henry to take some breaths and it was the best feeling in the world,” he said.

Noll was present when his children were born, but not in the way he was last week.

“It was a different experience,” he said about the delivery. “It was a wonderful experience; one that I’ll never forget.”

“He has now graduated from Dr. Noll to Uncle Ronnie,” Krueger said.

Krueger and Hackbarth thanked Noll at the press conference.

Hackbarth said her son is doing well at the hospital and should be coming home within the next couple

of weeks.

“It was chaotic,” she said. “From the time it started until the time it ended, it was crazy but I’m glad that everything turned out OK.”

Noll received a certificate and a coin of excellence from Sheriff Jim Johnson. He also received a stork pin that Hackbarth pinned on his uniform and got a letter of commendation from the Waubeka fire chief.

Hackbarth said she plans to tell Henry the whole story about his birth.

“In law enforcement, we have to wear many hats and that was the hat I was dealt the other day and that’s what makes law enforcement amazing because you never know what’s going to happen,” Noll said.


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