Work Started On Reigle Family Park


Loggers may begin clearing trees from Reigle Family Park in Kewaskum as early as January. The buffer area between where trees will be cleared and neighboring property lines has been marked. The plan is to develop the cleared area into soccer and baseball fields, as well as parking lots, concession stands, and playground and picnic areas.

The Kewaskum Village Board will hold a special meeting at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 28, at the park. Village trustees will walk the perimeter of the park and decide if they approve of the area to be cleared. The community is invited to walk the property, and neighbors are encourage to provide feedback on the planned area.

Anyone with questions or concerns should contact Village President Kevin Scheunemann or Village Administrator Matt Heiser. “We want this to be open and transparent,” said Nathan Scheel, president of the Kewaskum Athletic Association (KAA). “This is a park for everyone. We want to be good neighbors.” On Monday night, the Village Board approved a 25-year park lease between the Village of Kewaskum and the KAA and the Kewaskum Youth Soccer Organization (KYSO).

Under the lease, the KAA and KYSO are responsible for developing and maintaining the park. One of the first steps was to have the property surveyed. David Jacob, a professional land surveyor of Jacob Land Surveying, surveyed the property.

A Kewaskum High School graduate, he provided the service at a discounted rate in order to benefit the community. That spirit is reflective of how the entire Reigle Family Park is being created and developed. A grassroots effort, the park is being created without using any tax dollars.

How It All Started The origins of Reigle Family Park date back to the fall of 2016. It was then that the KAA and KYSO began discussing athletic field space needs. Both organizations used the fields at Kiwanis Park in Kewaskum, and they were outgrowing the space. The KAA currently serves over 500 children annually through its baseball, volleyball and flag football programs. The KYSO has about 490 registrants participating in its fall and spring seasons. With a combined number of about 1,000 youth, young athletes were playing baseball in the infield while soccer was going on at the same time in the outfield.

A story ran in the Kewaskum Statesman in April 2017 about the opportunity for the KAA and KYSO to create more field space and purchase land outside the village. Jim Reigle, former president and CEO of his family’s business, Regal Ware, Inc., headquartered in Kewaskum, read the story. His family owned 31 acres of undeveloped land located in off Edgewood Road in Kewaskum.

He told his family about the situation, and the Reigle family donated the land to the Village of Kewaskum on October 12. Jim Reigle Recognized On Monday night, during a Kiwanis Club dinner, Bob Zarling and Wayne Sargent presented Jim Reigle with a proclamation of commendation on behalf of the Kewaskum Village Board.

Zarling spoke, pointing out the fact that Reigle arrived in Kewaskum in 1947. “I think it’s safe to say Kewaskum has not been the same since,” Zarling said. “Jim has been an outstanding citizen, always concerned about his fellow man, particularly the employees of Regal Ware and the citizens of Kewaskum,” he added.

The village’s proclamation commends Jim Reigle for the following:

-The Reigle family is renowned for its community spirit as shown in countless deeds of great corporate citizenship by Regal Ware.

-Jim Reigle is a cornerstone of the great reputation of the Reigle family, demonstrating his dedication to the community with service on the Kewaskum Village Board and a life time of service in the Kewaskum Kiwanis Club.

-The KAA, KYSO, Kewaskum School District and the Village of Kewaskum found themselves challenged with successful athletic programs but limited field space.

-Jim Reigle, still looking for opportunities to help others, noted the need for more park space.

-The entire Reigle family, continuing their legacy of generosity and compassion, supported Jim in his desire to help.

-Jim Reigle and the Reigle family donated 31 acres of land to the Village of Kewaskum for use as Reigle Family Park.

-This incredible demonstration of generosity will ensure there will be space in Kewaskum for families to bond, children to play and athletes to develop for generations to come.


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