Richfield to add mile of road work due to price break

Savings on asphalt costs allows Monches Road reconstruction this year


RICHFIELD — Lower than anticipated costs for materials to complete the reconstruction of five miles of village roads this summer is allowing Richfield officials to reconstruct an additional mile along Monches Road yet this year.

Thursday night village trustees approved reconstructing the portion of the road extending from Plat Road to St. Augustine Road.

After the reconstruction earlier this summer of five miles of village roads, officials were told that materials to complete that work cost less than had been anticipated, leaving about $368,938 out of the budgeted amount of about $1.89 million that could be used to complete the mile-long stretch of Monches Road. The village had included the reconstruction of Monches as an alternate bid with contractor Payne and Dolan just in case funds remained after the other work was completed. That proved to be the case, so officials moved quickly to have the additional work approved so it could be completed yet during the current construction season.

“Today (Friday) we are going to be mailing out notices to all of the people who live along that mile stretch, and the subdivisions that live adjacent to it, to let them know this project was going to move forward,” said Village Administrator Jim Healy. “The contractor hopes to have substantial completion of the work by Oct. 18 and they will be starting around the last full week in September.”

Healy said once this mile of work is completed, the village will have finished reconstructing all of Monches Road.

“The goal for us now is to continue to check off

these six miles of stretches, give or take arterial roads that we have, each year,” Healy said.

Healy said the village was hoping to complete the reconstruction of five miles of village roads this year, but conditions, such as the cost for materials, can change from year to year impacting the ability to reach that annual goal.

“To show you how it can change from one year to the next, at the staff level we are looking at a mile next year of Hubertus Road, but that has come in at about $514,000,” Healy said. “Different miles of roads have different challenges. We still think that the range of the cost for the work on about a mile of roads to us is right about $330,000-$350,000 — right around there on average.”

The mile of Hubertus Road under consideration to be reconstructed next year would extend in the area of Sloppy Joe’s and the Johnny Manhattan restaurants.

“It might stop just short of Scenic Road going Hillside to Scenic Road or potentially a little further down to the railroad tracks,” Healy said. “It all depends on what the engineering calls for there.”

Savings trumps holding advance meeting

Healy said he hopes residents along Monches Road in the area of the reconstruction will be happy about the news when they receive the mailer from the village.

“We won’t be able to have the typical pre-construction meeting with those residents which normally we would have because of the short timeline we have to get this all completed,” Healy said. “We’re going to give an avenue to give the public the chance to reach out and talk to us and the engineers about some of the concerns they might have.”

Healy said village officials know that drainage on the western part of the mile along Monches Road has historically been an issue because it is populated with older residential subdivisions, which don’t have retention ponds worked into the open space areas like new subdivisions do. So typically the drainage goes into the ditch lines.

“We’re not going to be raising the profile of the road in the area where we have the drainage issues. Our plan is to haul away that material so that it is no higher than it was before,” Healy said.

The additional approximately $12,000 left in the 2019 road reconstruction budget after the costs for the work on Monches Road are included, Healy said, could be added to other money the village has budgeted for crack filling or for larger base patching.


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