Man who backed into squad found guilty of obstructing officer


WEST BEND — A Campbellsport man was found guilty for two counts of resisting or obstructing an officer and one count of disorderly conduct.

Justin Brown initially was charged with threat to a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer and disorderly conduct, but a plea deal lessened the felony charge.

In Slinger this January, the 33-yearold almost intentionally backed into an officer’s squad car, the criminal complaint states, causing him to quickly exit the vehicle. The driver said he was looking for his sister who was reported missing earlier that day,

and was convinced his mother had her. Brown then said he needed to get his sister and the other kids on his plane, the complaint states, and asked the officer how much money his mother paid him to conceal his sister’s location.

The defendant then allegedly said the officer was a dirty cop said Brown would put him in a grave. He reiterated he was going to put the officer in grave, with his mother, using the gun he had. That officer called for backup, and after attempts to hide and avoid arrest, the complaint states a taser was used to bring the defendant into custody.

Brown continued to make threatening statements and yelled profanities, and threatened the additional officers on scene. Strong

medications were administered to calm the defendant and transport him to the hospital. A smoking pipe was found in the defendant’s pants with what appeared to be tetrahydrocannabinol oil, the main psychoactive substance in marijuana, according to the complaint.

Brown has not yet been sentenced.


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