Kewaskum Gets New Postmaster

Kewaskum has a new postmaster. Matt Kuehn started working as postmaster at the local office on February 3. At age 25, he is the youngest postmaster in the area. So far, Kuehn is enjoying the new job.


Kewaskum has a new postmaster. Matt Kuehn started working as postmaster at the local office on February 3. At age 25, he is the youngest postmaster in the area. So far, Kuehn is enjoying the new job.

“Everyone I have met here has been really kind,” he said. “I look forward to meeting everyone in the community.” Third Generation Postal Employee Matt Kuehn grew up learning about the U.S. Postal Service. His grandmother, Nancy Kuehn, worked in the timekeeping office in downtown Milwaukee from 1980 to 2000. “Back then, they did manual time cards, and she would enter the timekeeping,” Matt explained.

Matt’s father, Ron Kuehn, carried on the tradition of working for the postal service. He has been a letter carrier on the north side of Milwaukee since 1985. As a child, Matt liked seeing the mail trucks. He remembers learning about how the mail was sorted and how the postal system worked.

And he remembers going with his mom to meet Ron out on his route. “I would walk next to him for a block or whatever,” Matt said. Matt didn’t know it at the time, but the postal ink was running through his blood. “I didn’t say growing up I wanted to work for the post office, but here I am.

It worked out,” Matt said. Becoming Postmaster Matt grew up in Germantown and graduated from Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School in Jackson in 2011. He attended Lakeland University in Plymouth for one semester, but realized college wasn’t for him. “I decided I might as well go out and get a job.

I had no problem working whatsoever,” he said. Matt was working two part-time jobs when his father suggested that he apply at the post office and work there until he figured out what he wanted to do. So six years ago, at age 19, Matt was hired to work for the U.S. Postal Service. “I was fortunate enough to get this opportunity.

I liked it, and I was making pretty good money with good benefits, so I kind of stuck around,” Matt said. Matt started out as a postal carrier on the north side of Milwaukee. He enjoyed the job, but admits that he was bitten by a dog once while walking the route. “A dog got a hold of my arm.

It wasn’t too bad, but it did break skin, so then I had to get the shot,” Matt said. He didn’t hold it against the dog, though. “Most dogs are territorial to some extent,” Matt explained. When he was 20, Matt was promoted and became a supervisor for the postal service. In doing so, he became the youngest person ever promoted to supervisor in the Lakeland District, which covers most of Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

He worked for two years as a supervisor in Wauwatosa. He then worked as supervisor in Brookfield for the past two years before being promoted to postmaster for Kewaskum. Matt is not sure who the youngest postmaster is, but at 25, he acknowledges that he is the youngest postmaster he knows. “I have been fortunate and have gotten some good opportunities.

I am trying to make the most of them and trying to do the best I can,” Matt said. Kewaskum Office Working in Kewaskum is somewhat of an adjustment, however, because it is the smallest place Matt has ever worked. The Kewaskum Post Office has a total of 10 routes: five in Kewaskum and five in Campbellsport. In comparison, the Brookfield office, where Matt most recently worked, had 51 routes.

That means that there are not as many resources readily available. But it also has its advantages. “It’s nice because everyone cares about each other. You have a little more family mentality [among the staff],” Matt said. Each day, the Kewaskum Post Office delivers an average of about 1,100 packages and about 16,000 pieces of mail a day. During the Christmas season, those numbers go up.

The biggest challenge Matt sees is keeping up with the community’s growth. From 2016 to now, the Kewaskum Post Office has about 150 more deliveries each week to week. “As you keep growing more and more, then you have to expand the routes, make the routes longer, or add another additional route,” Matt said. In addition, the Kewaskum building is small, so there are some space constraints, he said.

As postmaster, Matt is responsible for the day-today operations at the post office and ensuring proper delivery of all the mail and packages. He also is the one who works with the wider community. That is the part that he is looking forward to the most. “I enjoy working with the people and the community,” Matt said. Matt also would like to make a difference in the business community. “I want to continue to meet business owners in the area and see if there is any way we can help them out and make their lives a little easier, and increase their revenue as well.”


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