Girl Scout Troop 8398 Earns Bronze Award

Kewaskum Elementary School Junior Troop 8398 did something no other troop in Kewaskum has done before. After completing the Agent of Change Journey, during which they learned about the Power of One, the Power of a Team, and the Power of Community in making a difference in the world, the girls put those lessons to good use.


“We spent time brainstorming ideas of things we could do to make a difference,” Girl Scout Grace Loser said. “We talked about things at school we wanted to improve,” added Savannah Bobb. Each girl’s ideas were listed and debated, and the girls learned how to work as a group to talk through multiple ideas and come to an agreement on a direction.

After they found a project they wanted to pursue, they had to figure out how they were going to get it done. The girls worked on problem solving skills and leadership skills. No single girl did everything by herself.

Instead, all of the girls had skills they contributed. They learned to listen to each other and the art of compromise. Through their brainstorming, the girls hit on the problem they wanted to address. At school, indoor recesses were not fun.

The classrooms had older games and puzzles that were missing pieces. There were old books and old toys in the classrooms. The girls decided to talk to the teachers and principal at school to see if getting new supplies for indoor recess would be something the staff would value.

The girls were greeted with great enthusiasm from the school staff. The girls gathered wish lists from the teachers, researched prices, set a budget and went shopping. The girls decided to use a portion of the proceeds they earned from their yearly cookie sale to fund the project. “I am proud of them.

They looked at the money they earned and decided to give back to their school. The cookie sale is their only money-making opportunity and is how we pay for their supplies for the year,” Troop Leader Jennifer Loser said. In May the girls presented the school with brand new games, coloring books, puzzles, Play-Doh and Legos. KES Principal Jody Heipp was impressed with what the girls accomplished, and happily accepted the donation on behalf of the school.

“The teachers were really happy because kids were always complaining about how the games were broken and missing pieces,” Isabell Prost said. “The best part of being a Girl Scout is team building. I like working with my friends,” Emma Sommerfeld said. “It’s fun to help the community I live in,” Claire Anderson said.

“The best part of being a Girl Scout is making new friends and having fun with them,” Mia Dornacher and Corrissa Bosselmann agreed. “I like selling cookies, and being able to go on fun outings with my friends,” Elizabeth Schmidt added. “We can’t wait until next year,” all of the girls in Troop 8398 said.


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